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Your Kind Of Dining Experience
Today's relationship between an upscale casual restaurant consumer extends beyond habit and routine. For the contemporary specialty restaurant does more than serve food and beverage. It serves community. Today's Sertinos Café is a social encounter that defies all other dining experiences. Warmth, human interaction and shared experience. It's your kind of dining experience. Is it any wonder many consider the local Sertinos Café to be the new town square?

As a potential Sertinos Café franchise owner, we know you are seeking out new business opportunities to capitalize on the explosive growth of the upscale quick service dining market. A Sertinos Café franchise comes with great potential. You will be indulging your customers with more than fine hand crafted sandwiches, artisan specialty coffees and teas and premium ice creams. You're serving a community as rich and inviting as the neighborhood itself. It's your kind of dining experience. In essence, when someone walks into your Sertinos Café you are welcoming them to the special neighborhood experience.

There is no time like the present to consider the possibilities
of tapping into this lucrative and growing business opportunity
in your market.
Sertinos Cafe
Sertinos Cafes
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